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How to check the fault of the electrical switch socket?

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How to check the fault of the electrical switch socket? When our electrical appliance fails, the first question is the internal parts, such as the socket is normal, the connector is normal, the connector is normal, if to judge its failure? We can pass the following four simplest ways to judge:
1. first is the eye: observe whether the various switches, keys and knob of the electric appliance are placed in the correct position, whether there is any lack or damage, whether the display on the display and the indicator on the display is normal, the appearance of the machine is damaged, the electrical appliances are dismantled, the internal connector and connection are broken off or loosened, the printed circuit board is broken or not broken. Or damage; whether the components such as resistance, capacitance, transistor, integrated block and so on are scorched, bursting, defective or broken, and dissoldering. There are no damage and displacement of sensors, detection lights, and adjusting switches, etc. without deformation, aging and falling off of the transmission belt and gear, and without displacement, deformation and damage of the walking mechanism, transmission connecting rod and so on, whether the action parts are flexible or not, there is no fire or smoke in the post machine, and whether the head is broken or not clear. Clean.

How to check the fault of the electrical switch socket?

2. nose sniff: smell with your nose whether there is any smell or smell in the appliance.
3. ears listen: turn the appliance over and shake, listen to the parts loose or fall off.
4. Manual: gently pull the connections, plugs, sockets and components with your hands to see if there are any shedding. Pull the relevant parts and try to tighten up the degree of firmness and flexibility. After power on, touch the power transformer, adjustment tube, integrated block or other related components to see if there is overheating.
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