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Application and material of Trenpro switch socket

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扫一扫!Application and material of Trenpro switch socket扫一扫!
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Today Xiaobian is going to introduce the application and materials of Zhengbao switch socket. The material used in the switch socket is also exquisite! The material used in the switch socket is generally PC material, and of course some manufacturers of switch sockets used such as nylon 66, electric jade powder, ABS and other materials. PC material, that is, polycarbonate (PC), is a polymer containing carbonate group in the molecular chain. PC material, also known as bullet proof adhesive, has the following advantages as a switch socket material.
(1) the handle is very delicate, and the touch is more textured, and the brightness is very good.

Application and material of Zhengbao switch socket

(2) Secondly, strong impact resistance, good PC material shell, that is, using hammer can not crack. The products made of PC material also have the advantages of heat-resistant and aging resistance. Even in the high temperature environment, it is not easy to deform, especially the UV resistance, and the long term use will not change color.
(3) the most important thing is that the flame retardancy of PC material is very high, and it can withstand the ablation of the arc for a long time. Generally speaking, PC materials are very outstanding in three aspects: heat resistance, flame retardance and impact resistance.
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