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    Guitar jack SJ-6304

    Product Category:6.35 Phone Jack (SJ)
    Product Details:1/4” stereo jack、microphone conector、Guitar Jack、6.35 Jack

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    We,manufacturer of high quality phone jack ,1/4” stereo jack、microphone conector、Guitar Jack、6.35 Jackfor over 20 years.The products can be widely applied in Audio Mixer,Stage Audio,Amplifer. We won highly reputation from our present client; Olympus, Ohtori, Phonic, Alco, Linear, QSC, Fender,Peavey, TEAC, Monitor,ELAC and many others brand company.

    Specification of 6.35 phone jack:

    Temperature -20-70°C

    Rated Load:DC 50V 1A

    Contact Resistance:≤0.03Ω I

    Insulation Resistance:≥100MΩ

    Withsand Voltage:AC 500V(50Hz)min

    Insertion and Extraction Force:5-40N


    Available in all common versions:

    1.Wide body and extremely durable contacts

    2.Available in all common versions:


    3.Meeting the requirements of EMS rules through efficient chassis grounding system

    4.Retention spring ensures optimum grip on inserted plugs,avoiding the chance of lost connection.


    6.35 Audio jack Factory

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    Factory over 20 year

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